Prostate Cancer

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Collection : Understand the disease and its treatment
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In Canada, one man in seven risks developing prostate cancer. It is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. While most commonly diagnosed after age 60, prostate cancer can also occur in men in their forties and fifties.

Like other forms of cancer, this disease affects not only the patient but also his spouse and family. At the time of diagnosis, there are many questions that need to be answered. This book provides a simple, concise, practical guide to help patients understand prostate cancer.

Now in its fifth edition, it has, over the years, become an indispensable reference work. Written by Canadian medical specialists, it is an outstanding source of information on the prevention and causes of prostate cancer, its early diagnosis and the treatment options available, including their side effects and complications. This new edition looks at all the new diagnostic tools and treatments that have appeared since the last edition and that are bringing renewed hope to prostate cancer patients.

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